Waste water pump IPS-40


 IPS-40 Waste water pump


This pump very often will be in use in a painting line as waste water pump. It is able to equip it with a special part-reducing wheel, that cuts larger and bunded paint particles and transport it optimal to a separating machine.

This pump of the construction serie IPS is a self sucking, one step waste water pump with half open wheel for transport of water or waste water. The IPS-40 wheels are turned in the sucking area, that availables a transport of larger solit pigments til 20mm. The pumps sucks itself til 6 mters sucktion height after one time filling. All pumps are equipped with a changable tribological plate.

Technical informations:

Power:       400 V / 1,1KW

Capacity:   100l/min bzw. 6m³/h

drawing of IPS-40

part list of IPS-40



of IPS-40



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