Double membran pump




Prominent features:

universal to use
works free of lubricants
solid and low maintainance
safe to work empty



case: POM
membrans: Teflon
valve balls: Teflon
valve springs: VA-steel
sealings: Viton
control valve: ceramic

Technical data:

format: pneumatic membran pump
compressed air connector: ø 6,0mm
liquid connector: ø 9,5mm
sucking height: 3m self sucking
temperature range: Viton
max. capacity 13 l/min
working preasure: 1,4 - 6 bar
max. transport preasure: 5,5 bar
max. working peasure: 7 bar
air consumption: 58 NI/min
measurement(LxWxH): 140x125x165mm
weight: 1,3kg
mounting: 4 holes ø6,2mm



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