Solvent destillators


Destillators for washing solvents or solvents of degreasing processes

Our devices with a capacity of 12, 25, 60, 120 or 180 litres are destillator machines for reclaiming and use again of contaminated solvents from cleaning and degreasing processes.

According utilization of the simple destilling process we can drainage contaminations like resin, polymer, pigments, paints, oil, and more, from teh origin solvent.
The boiling of the contaminated solvent will realized in a stainless steel boiler (Inox AISI 304 ).
The balances heating comes from a heating jacket of heat carrier oil, which will be heated from one of more heating elements.

The produced solvent steam will be forwarded to an air or water coooled condensator. This condensed solvent will be forwarded to a can or a barrel for re-using.





To remove liquid contamination the boiler is to dump. The boiler inside can be protected with a special plastic bag, what is resistent of heat and solvent.

The solvent characteristic will not be changed according the destillation, therfore it is able to repeat this process very often.

All machines are to equip with a vacuum pump.
It is nessesary for solvent with very high boiling point or by flammable solvent, where the boiling point and the self ignition point is very close.
The vacuum can produced with pneumatic or electric process.

We recommend our customers to use heat resistent poly bags and a no stick couating, than the cleaning of the boiler is very easy and fast. Otherwise there will be a hard crustification.



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