Anti slip mats Tips and advantage


KantholzThere are more as one producer of anti slip mats, therefore you should not see only the prices, you should see also the differences. It is very importend for you, that your anti slip mat is tested, proofed and valued of a famous institute. In every case, when there was happen an eccident, an expert have to avaluate, if the load securing is not only according the rule of the country, it have to be also enough. In this case you have to have a certificate of the producer. If you have safed money by choosing the anti slip mat and your producer have not a certificate, than you are not able to demonstrate, that the load securing was good enough.

There are a lot of points, why you should choose our anti slip mats.



As sample:

If you have to coat large parts, than you have if to put on any place for drying. Mostly it will be used wooden timbers. If the coating is dry, than the part is glueing fix on the wooden timber and you have to ermove it hardly. Sometimes you will have parts of wood on the part, or the coating is on the wood and not on the part. More often you have to repair the part. In all cases you will have paint on teh wood and not on the part. An other version is , to give a faomed part between wood and part. In this case the paint will be displaced from the contact area and is also to repair.

Our solution:

Use wooden timblers, where is on both sides a anti slip mat mounted.
In this case, if you use our anti llip mats to place the part for drying, you will have after the drying process also enough paint on the part and you haven´t to repair. Also the part doesn´t glue on the anti slip mat. You can remove the part without any special handling. In this application, the anti slip mat should be mounted on the wooden timber, otherwise it can be on a wrong place.

See also more pictures from the practice

 Antirutschmatten in der Praxis

if the steel girder will be lifted, than you can see the contact area

here you can see the steel girder form down
a little more enlarged



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