Hydro cleaner


Hydro cleaner - Purge cleaner



First of all, hydro cleaner can be in use in all application, where water borne paints is in use.

(It is not usable in application with solvent based paints.)


If you can answer the following questions with YES, than you will have a large profit by using our concept and our products:

  1. Do you process water based paints?
  2. Do you clean your paint applications automatic?
  3. Do you use a solvent-containing cleaner?

If you have any question more, please don´t be hasitate and ask me. Click the right picture

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How we start a project:

  • We take paint samples of the high runner, the critical paint systems and a small sample of the actual product to compare
  • We make some tests in our laboratory
  • We present the results

The Hebro purge cleaner brings a couple of advantages:

  • Solvent free products reduce the ecologic footprint of customers and increase the enviroment protection.
  • The hebro purge cleaner is free of halogen, aromatic compounds, carbonate and burning substances.
    That increases the protection of workzone and employment.
  • Low usage concentrations while highest cleaning force saves production costs and aditional costs.

Technical equipment to automatic our purge cleaner:

My idea is it to use two containers and the right pumps. See the pics or PDF





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